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Littlefinger moved closer. “Have you been at the wine again? You ought not to talk so

EdwardDig (13.05.2016 23:12:37)
food for a fortnight, and Sweet Donnel and Clubfoot Karl would have the horses ready.

“Longspear’s not your brother.”

his head at the sudden sound. He had followed the riders at a distance all day, as was his

WilliamFirm (13.05.2016 22:01:37)
Sobbing, Sam took another step. He had been cold so long he was forgetting what it

forget it.”

“Ser Davos Seaworth.”

Michaelpi (13.05.2016 20:12:58)
marked one of the places the Andals had landed, when they came across the sea to

god. May the Seven protect me.”

tempting if only he did have Sansa tucked beneath his cloak. If she declared for Myrcella

GregorySi (13.05.2016 18:55:34)
little men came together with a crash and a clatter, and the wolf knight’s lance struck the

Loras?” Tyrion asked him.

Janos was still only third. “Who are these five who keep voting for Three-Finger Hobb?”

Jordanot (13.05.2016 17:41:40)
Smiling, he left them to it and rode down in the cage.

Jaime had served with Meryn Trant and Boros Blount for years; adequate fighters, but

The next waking was not so gentle. The room was dark, but under the blankets the

RobertKap (13.05.2016 05:13:07)
“Because you are a righteous man,” said Melisandre.

how she is.”

Open your heart and let the light of the Lord come in. Bum these weirwoods, and accept

Dustinot (13.05.2016 04:07:36)
could hardly walk, even with the crutch. “Bring the torch,” he told the boy from Oldtown.

Edwyn cleared his throat. “We have chambers prepared for you in the Water Tower,

Dreamwine? Should I get the maester? He said you must stay. Abed, I mean.”

SidneyOi (13.05.2016 01:49:08)
lurched into view, stumbling and rolling on the ground.

O'er the wynds and the steps and the cobbles, he rode to a woman’s sigh.

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