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sisters, and he cut another almost in half with his curved silvery claw as his hair tinkled

Robertocade (13.05.2016 00:39:47)
Maester Aemon was very old and blind besides, so they had to send Sam to tend to the

“I’m Merry, Lord Grandfather,” one girl said.

apart, but they were a pretty blue-grey color, and lively as any eyes he knew.

CharlesSn (12.05.2016 23:24:29)
“Haunted. The haunted forest.” Pylos underlined the words with the point of his finger.

men are fools, if truth be told, but the ones in motley are more amusing than ones with

know my son, Sansa? Lord Puff Fish of Highgarden?”

Kennethoi (12.05.2016 22:02:04)
Sometimes he still dreamed of the Eyrie’s sky cells, and woke drenched in cold sweat.

than on the open river, and it might be prudent to find what’s happened here.”

grandfather. “Sire,” he asked, “do I have your leave to go?”

HowardBoke (12.05.2016 20:41:49)
Or, if she was tired of earning her bread on her back, he might arrange a marriage for

That was when Harwin remembered Arya. “Such talk is not for your ears, milady.”

“Remove this liar from my sight, “she commanded. I must not weep. I must not. If I

Robertlop (12.05.2016 19:25:56)
Even Captain Groleo was glad of that, now. There had been one small fire, easily

soldiers. In a bad light. If you squint.

“I came to hear you confess.” The Red Viper landed a quick thrust on the Mountain’s

StevieGEf (12.05.2016 05:07:41)
I should have trimmed his head, not his beard, Tyrion reflected. And Slynt should

wanted to go north at once,” he said, with a hint of defensiveness. “I wanted to free Bran

again, and a foot of wall exploded. She grabbed for his hand but she caught the doll

Michaelhick (12.05.2016 03:56:07)
He could feel the high stone calling him. Up he went, loping easy at first, then faster

watching the flames shift and shimmer. He tried to see beyond them, to peer through the

he was a babe at the breast, but not after. You did slay the Other, though, so it’s not the

CarlosHip (12.05.2016 02:44:17)
stood amidst that pink snow. When the dead walk, walls and stakes and swords mean

“I said Jon would help you. Jon’s brave, and he’s a good fighter, but I think he’s dead

the north has left.”

MarcusSalt (12.05.2016 01:02:34)
risk, Khaleesi. Astapor was complacent and vulnerable. Yunkai is forewarned.”

different from threequarters of the Watch. There are men still wearing black who have

them so they will be the first thing a new slave sees upon entering the city,” Missandei

Brandontug (11.05.2016 23:49:45)
side, and I thought I was doomed with the rest, but Alyn shouted commands and

The drums had all gone silent. How do you like that music, Mance? How do you like the

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